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I believe that human beings are basically compassionate, cooperative, and creative.
I believe that violence is a result of an incapacity to exercise the basic human rights of Participate, Redirect and Leave. Of course there are many causes that can lead to that incapacity.

I also believe that we are in the process at this time of birthing an entirely new paradigm of human interaction and manifestation in conjunction with parallel changes in Mother Earth herself. All over the world there are grassroots level actions going on that show these changes.

I believe that each of us can do our part by

  • Doing our own personal work to heal our wounds from the past, forgive those we believe have caused harm, make amends for where we ourselves have caused harm, and become more aware, more intentional, and more connected to our multi-dimensional nature
  • Actively envisioning the future we wish to see for our children and grandchildren. What we focus our mind space on is what we help to bring about.
  • Helping others in every way we can, from daily random acts of kindness to international acts aimed at creating equanimity on all levels


a group of sequoia trees with a single person who looks veryvery small, with her hand on the bark of one of the trees