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I am Betsy Terrell, aka Capt Betsy, cyberneutrino and aurelia neutrino. You can see some of my past activities by following those links. What this website will provide is a window into my path in the years since 2005.

Here is what I see as the three parts of living in Nonviolent Consciousness

  1. connection:
    I will endeavor to practice being centered in that place of transforming power from which I remain aware of our shared humanity, the spark of divinity in each, and our interconnectedness in all the 3 times, in order to safeguard my self-connection and my connection with others, including the earth and all her inhabitants, even those that appear inanimate to me.
  2. self-responsibility:
    I will endeavor to always acknowledge, and seek to understand more fully, my part in having created the circumstances in which I find myself, including my shared responsibility for co-creating things that seem bigger than I can understand, thus safeguarding myself from victim thinking and adversarial thinking and acting.
  3. cooperation:
    I will endeavor to creatively seek ways in which everyone gets what they want and need, including those who cannot speak up for themselves.

My entire life has been a journey of transformation and growth. Below are some links that are examples of some of my areas of interest in more recent yearsgrand canyon

After a several-years' hiatus, I have resumed using this webspace to write my thoughts and experiences, share inspirational links and information, useful tools and strategies, etc.